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Best Friends #3

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best friends poster 3

Best Friends

Accept you as you are.
Believe in you.
Challenge you to soar.
Do whatever it takes.
Encourage and motivate.
Follow up and follow through.
Grow forever memories.
Have your back covered.
Inspire you to do your best.
Just call to say, "Hi".
Know when something's up.
Look for the best in you.
Multiply joys and divide sorrows.
Never leave you behind.
Overcome adversity together.
Pick you up when you are down.
Quickly forgive and make up.
Remind you of your greatness.
Smile when they think of you.
Thrive on shared trust.
Understand when to "just" listen.
Value caring honesty.
Walk with you, side by side.
Xperience ups and downs.
Yearn to "be there" for you.
Zest to live, love and laugh.

© Meiji Stewart.

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